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Picspam - Pavel Nedvěd [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Pavel Nedvěd

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Picspam [Jan. 21st, 2008|03:26 pm]
Pavel Nedvěd



I've been a hopeless mod lately, and haven't updated this community for ages and ages. I'm very sorry about the lack of updates. I'll try to fix that now, though, and try to update at least sort of regularly from now on.

So, I guess we are in need of a little picspam? Therefore, I decided to repost something I did at my journal recently. So, those of you who are on my flist will have seen this before, but I hope there will be new stuff in here for everyone else.


One of the cutest Pavel pics I've ever seen. Irresistible, really.

Nicked from Milan Baroš' official site. This pic at least takes away attention from Milan himself.

The Hug - a little "intimate" moment with Ale...

Looking focused, and wearing a shirt that still has our Scudetto on it.

His expression is just so lovely...

Young Pavel, with short hair. It's almost impossible to recognize him here. But if you look closely, there should be something familiar about the cheekbones and the beautiful blue eyes.

Different variation of my favorite pic of him. I mean - he is already too beautiful for words...
...and then there are pics of him shirtless.

Sorry Pavel, but you just shouldn't hide your pretty hair under that hat. I adore the scarf, though...and his innocent expression.

Nicked from juve1897, by the way.

I miss seeing him in the National Team...

Looking cute with Camo. Hey, Camo - what's wrong with you? If Pavel had given me that look, I would have melted right away. You, on the other hand, don't seem to react at all.

Now, this is a more sensible reaction!

Stolen from pinaki_07 in m_camoranesi.

From the summer training in 2007. Of course, for the watch-collector, the wrist watch has to agree with the shirt.