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Pavel Nedvěd

Pro fanoušky!

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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to the Pavel Nedvěd community on Livejournal. This is the place to post anything and everything about Pavel - news, pictures, icons or even fanfiction. Of course, it is also a place to meet other fans. So, if you also like our beloved Méďa, this community is for you, too.

Facts about Pavel:
Date of Birth: 30.08.1972
Place of Birth: Cheb, Czech Republic
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Current Club: Juventus (ITA)
Nicknames: Méďa, Grande Paolo, Furia Ceca, Duracell
Motto: When you do something, do it perfectly!

A few rules to remember:
1. Please be respectful and friendly when posting to the community.

2. Don't forget to hide large posts behind a cut. That way, the posts will not mess up people's friends page, and it will be more convenient for people who have slow connections.

3. Please do not hotlink images. There are sites that will host images for you, such as Photobucket, for example.

4. If you take someone else's work from the community (such as icons or graphics), please remember to ask permission first. Also, don't forget to give credit.

5. If you post articles or information in other languages than English, we will appreciate it if you provide us with a translation.

6. Please tag your posts properly. That way, it will be easier to find them later. For your reference, there is a list of existing tags here.

7. This is not the place to post to promote your community. However, you may ask to affilate with us if your community is related to football.

We appreciate it if you would like to help us promote the community when you have a chance to do so. However, it's not a "rule" to do that - it's just something that will be appreciated.

Also, please note that this community is slash friendly.

If you have any questions about the rules or about the community in general, please contact zimena.

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